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APLC Overview

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Launch of APLC
The APLC (Alliance for Asia-Pacific Learning Cities) is a coalition of cities with policies, wills and plans for the growth of global learning cities under the motto of promoting lifelong learning in the region.
APLC was founded under a plan by the pre-conference for launch of the Asia-Pacific Learning City Network at the 2020 Asia-Pacific UNESCO Learning City Network Conference held in the city of Yeonsu in Republic of Korea.
APLC is included in the Asia-Pacific region and is eligible for all cities in Asia-Pacific that want to implement the concept of learning cities in their policies.
APLC Purposes
  • Strengthening cooperation among all countries in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Strengthening political leadership, vision, forecasting ability and governance of learning cities in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Sharing and mutually cooperating with comprehensive and actionable plans through collaboration with various partners from various sectors in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Setting clear step-by-step goals that reflect the characteristics of the Asia-Pacific region and reinforcing the strategy of focusing on areas
  • Establishing specialized strategies to solve specific tasks of learning cities in the Asia-Pacific region and practicing its strong implementation
  • Developing and sharing effective policies, cases, and projects that can have a positive mutual impact among learning cities in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Empowerment of Individual Citizens in Learning Cities in the Asia-Pacific Region and Positive impact on social/economic/culturally sustainable development
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