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Why APLC is necessary?
The Asia-Pacific region covers more than 70 countries with 60 percent of the world's population thoughout Asia, Americas, Oceania together with Middle East therefore growth of cooperation and solidarity among the cities in the region will be great development we could never envision.
The need for such solidarity, exchange, and cooperation is intertwined with the recent disaster situation of COVID-19, in which the whole world is in crisis. Thus, it has a greater meaning in that it is imperative to recover the driving force of learning cities to overcome the crisis and move toward a larger world through the recovery of the learning cities’ potential, and to share strategies to coping the crisis.
The pre-conference for the launching of the APLC was held in the city of Yeonsu under the title of the Asia-Pacific UNESCO GNLC Network Conference. At the conference, the need to establish a network of learning cities in Asia-Pacific region and declared the launching of the APLC(Alliances for the Asia-Pacific Learning Cities) in 2021. The pre-conference initiated by the member of a founding committee of APLC, at the moment, the chair of the APLC founding committee announced the missions and roles including future action plan for the implementation of APLC
2020 Yeonsu Asia-Pacific UNESCO GNLC Network Conference report Download
APLC Foundation Conference Background Papers: Download
Future Plans for Regional Conference and Networking Platform for UNESCO GNLC in Asia-Pacific Region
2020 Yeonsu Declaration on the Asia-Pacific UNESCO GNLC Network Conference