APLC Founding Assembly

Founding Assembly Agenda

행사 일정 (2021. 9. 30. 16:00∼18:30)
Time(KST) Process Contents Speaker
15:00~15:30 (30′) 30 Commemorative photo time -
VIPs(Ambassadors, Mayors, EACs)
Registration and admission to the assembly
15:30~16:00 (30′) Registration Online participants registration & entrance -
Offline participants entrance & Event announcement
Session 1. Opening
16:00~16:05 (5′) Opening Cultural Performance(Yeonsu Traditional Culture and Arts Group) -
16:05~16:15 (10′) Introduction of VIP attendance(offline) Moderator
Introduction of VIP attendance(online)
16:15~16:50 (35′) Opening Remarks : Mun, Seok-jin (Chair of APLC Founding Committee, Mayor of Seodaemun)
Welcoming Messages : Kwak, Sang Wook (Co-chair of APLC Founding Committee, Chairperson of Korean Association of Lifelong Learning Cities, Mayor of Osan)
Welcoming Messages : Ko, Nam-seok (Co-chair of APLC Founding Committee, Mayor of Yeonsu, Host City of The 5th ICLC)
Congratulatory Remarks : Hwang Myeong seon(National Association of Mayors, Mayor of Nonsan City)
Congratulatory Remarks : Ms Sripriya Ranganathan(Ambassador of India) Ambassador of Costa Rica
Congratulatory Remarks : Ms. Yoo Eun-hae (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Pepublic of Korea)
Congratulatory Remarks from Partner Institute(1) : Mr. David Atchoarena (Director, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning)
Congratulatory Remarks from Partner Institute(2) : Mr. Shigeru Aoyagi (Director, UNESCO Bangkok)
Congratulatory Remarks from Partner Institute(3) : Mr. Lim, Hyun Mook (Director, UNESCO APCEIU)
Congratulatory Remarks : Chris Shepherd (Vice-Chair, PASCAL International Observatory)
Congratulatory Remarks : Mr. HAN, Kyung Koo(Secretary-General, Korean National Commission for UNESCO)
Special Message : Wanping Li(Director, Wuhan Education Bureau for Vocation and Adult Education, People’s Republic of China)
Special Message : Huang Yihuang(Chineses Director, UNESCO CLC, Professor, Central China Normal University, Lifelong Education Research Institute)
APLC EAC(Expert Advisory Committee) : Offline Attendees APLC
APLC EAC(Expert Advisory Committee) : Online Attendees APLC
Commemorative Photo Shoot All Attendees
Session2. Global Trends in Learning Cities and A-BBC Hall of Fame Ceremony
Moderator – Choi, Un-Shil Chair, UNESCO EAC(Expert Advisory Committee for UNESCO Learning Cities)
16:50~17:10 (20′) Global trends in learning cities and future prospects for APLC in the COVID-19 era Vision and Responsibility of APLC : Mike Osborne (Director of PASCAL International Observatory)
Heribert Hinzen(Honorary Direct General, DVV International)
Arne Carlsen(Former UIL Director, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning)
Special Presentation Development of the lifelong learning system for cities – the best practice of South Bend, Indiana Lex Dennis(Director of Lifelong Learning, Drucker Institute, USA)
17:10~17:15 (5′) Member Cities Video-clip Panoramic Greetings from APLC Member Cities : Mr. Sung Lee (Director of Institute for Global Citizenship Education)
17:15~17:45 (30′) A-BBC Dedication Ceremony A-BBC Dedicated Induction Cities by Video Clip
Overview of the selection of A-BBC Hall of Fame (Park In Joo, Chair, Selection Committee for the A-BBC HOF, Chairperson, Korean Federation of Lifelong Education)
Video Clips of HOF A-BBC rewarded cities(25’) HOF A-BBC Hall of Famer City 1
HOF A-BBC Hall of Famer City 2
HOF A-BBC Hall of Famer City 3
HOF A-BBC Hall of Famer City 4
HOF A-BBC Hall of Famer City 5
HOF A-BBC Hall of Famer City 6
HOF A-BBC Hall of Famer City 7
HOF A-BBC Hall of Famer City 8
Plaque Presentation and Dedication Ceremony(9′)
17:40~17:50 (10') APLC Joint declaration Announcement
Session 3. APLC Founding Gerneral Meeting
17:50~17:55 (5′) Election of the Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary General APLC Gerneral Meeting
17:55~18:00 (5′) Elected APLC Chair - Acceptance Speech/Encouraging Remarks Elected APLC Chair
18:00~18:05 (5′) The Role and Mission of APLC The Role and Mission of APLC Presentation on the Role and Mission of APLC
Elected APLC Secretary General APLC EAC
18:05~18:25 (20′) APLC Articles of Incorporation (Operation Regulations) : Discussion and Adoption APLC Founding Committee
18:25~18:30 (5′) Closing Ceremony APLC Emblem and Flag Delivery Ceremony Elected APLC Chair and Co-chair, Secrtary General
Group Photo Shoot
Closing Remarks